53 (ab_xnfp) wrote in highneedsbabies,

*hack wheeze*

Boyo and I have a head/chest cold. He's recovering from it quicker than I am from the looks of it. But in the meanwhile he's entered the stage of Amazing Cling Child. He's got to be in physical contact with me most of the time. He does scoot off to play with stuff and then scoot back. I understand that he's entereing a new phase in preparation for upper teeth and walking. But I hurt all over and just want to scream make it STOP! I feel guilty and not guilty enough. Does that make sense? He smacked me in my very sore eyeball yesterday. (eyes/sinus pain). Luckily I've had friends to spend some time with. The last couple of days I just layed on the floor of the living room on the play mat, wrapped in a quilt and let him come to me to nurse. I suspect that's been hog heaven for him. It was for me, to be able to doze and keep up with him...I was using sonar. lol. *hackcough*

Can I bury my head until spring? Sigh unfortunately not. I really fear catching the flu or something like that. I have no idea how I'd tend him with a fever. (and there are no older generation as we're in our 40s and only grandmommy left is in her 80s and more fragile than the baby) I havent had a flu shot since I was in jr high or highschool. Frankly I'm afraid of them.
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