53 (ab_xnfp) wrote in highneedsbabies,

I'd beat my head on the desk but I'm too drained...

Daddy went back to work today after months of being laid off. (yay!) (nearly half the baby's life actually)

I'm unwinding after my first full day alone with the boy. He was a totally different baby the last time we did this. I really had gotten dependant on having J do stuff. But I figured that I might as well take advantage of it while I had it. He was good to me when he got home. Took us out to eat chinese even though it meant he'd likely miss the start of football. (and let me promise you, that was a huge show of devotion there cause he's religeous about his football).

I came unglued a couple of times and raised my voice. I get to do it again tomorrow. We cant find the keys to my truck. At least we got out and bought him a new stroller after we drove off and left the last one in target's parkinglot. duh.

I just worry how I'll handle things when they get really bad. I dont have a support network like some people have. Our babysitters just had their own baby 2 weeks ago and she's in the hospital due to complications but getting better.)

Thanks for letting me vent.
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