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High needs babies and their tired parents

High needs baby, tired patents!
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Why won’t my baby sleep? What am I doing wrong? Will this ever end? Where is my sex life? I've done everything right! Hey kid will you PLEASE sleep?!

This community was created for the parents of high needs babies. These children tend to by overly fussy for no apparent reason and to be held all the time. A high needs infant often times wants little to do with anyone except his/her mother. High needs babies are not easily soothed and may have violent tempers flailing about when they are upset, angry, tired or bored.

This community does not support the crying it out method. There is a difference in letting your toddler throw a fit on the ground or in bed -with you close by- and a child that is being made to cry it out. “Cry it out” refers to the act in which parents sleep train their baby to a crib. A newborn (or older baby) is left alone in a crib and cries him or herself sometimes to the point of vomiting. After several nights and hours of crying the baby will eventually realize his/her parents will never answer the cries and give up.
I repeat again: We do not support crying it out methods so don’t even bring it here.
*I am currently working on letting my 15 month old cry and throw fits on the floor without picking her up until she comes to me and calms down. This is not what I mean by crying it out.

-Co sleeping and breastfeeding are highly encouraged here.
-No meanness, cat fights or the like. Keep this place a nice place for all. Don’t take things personally, it’s just an opinion we all have them.
-Rants are perfectly fine. This community is a place to give and receive support ask questions and get advice. Ranting about your high needs baby might be just what you need to get focused again and give your baby what he/she needs.